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Kalilawear + Mia Tango Running Challenge

When we were approached by Mia Tango Maternity to participate in their September Wellness Challenge, we couldn’t wait for summer to be over! As our Kalilawear items are designed for high performing mums throughout pregnancy and beyond, we decided to share a running challenge. Our challenge is multi-levelled so whether you’re a true beginner or […]

Here come the holidays…Short cut workouts to stay in shape

Even before you can get one Candy Cane finished, your holiday schedule is likely to be packed – especially if you already have some little ones. Our kids’ schedules are usually busier than ours! Parents usually allow one of the most important things to take a backseat during the holiday: their health. And we’re almost […]

Finding “fitness” after giving birth

For many of us, we are so focused on staying healthy during our pregnancy that when baby arrives we hit the wall and don’t know where to turn. Sleepless nights, feeding and juggling one or perhaps more babies are all valid reasons why us mums melt down and rest and relaxation seem a world away. So how can […]

Getting up and out with two!

It’s true. Two is double the trouble. But also double the reward! Since having my second daughter, Emily, in November life has become a constant juggling act trying to get both girls up, dressed, fed and out the door to take the eldest to nursery. Intermingled are feeds and copious nappy changes (we’re still nappy […]