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Visualization in Yoga during Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood

Yoga is one of the most widely recommended prenatal exercises for a variety of reasons. For one, it is a low impact exercise that is adaptable to all body types and can accomodate many physical limitations. It’s also an activity that brings together physical, mental and emotional components at the same time. Lastly, it can […]

Prenatal Yoga Series – Skandasana

Skandasana, or side lunge, is a wonderful pose for opening the hips during pregnancy and building core strength in a gentle way. Opening the hips can provide physical relief as well as emotional relief. Oftentimes when we are stressed, we carry that stress around in our bodies, creating tension throughout the body that can cause […]

Prenatal Yoga Series: Warrior II

Building strength is as important during pregnancy as it is during any other period in a woman’s life. Warrior II pose, or Virabhandrasana II as it’s also known, is great for building leg strength and for improving your endurance. Focusing on the breath can help you hold the pose longer, which is useful when applied […]

Top exercises for new mums by top trainer Kerry Vaughan

Catching up with top mum trainer Kerry Vaughan was an incredible treat for us at Kalila. Of course we had to ask her for her top moves for new moms who are getting back into their fitness routine post-birth. Here are two of her faves: Pelvic Floor Strengthener: •Start lying flat on the floor with […]

Quick Core Strength Move for New Mums

Looking to increase your core strength but don’t have much time? Check out Claire’s top move for working your middle area throughout the day. Looking for more challenges? Check out Mia Tango Maternity‘s Wellness Challenge on Instagram. Find our challenges as well as many others to get you moving towards a healthier you! For more […]

Mummy super trainer Kerry Vaughan

Pulling up to Kerry’s house, I was pretty excited to sit down with such an inspiration. I met Kerry a few years ago at a mummy fitness class and was treated to a 15 minute pelvic floor group training session. I was instantly taken with her knowledge of the body and her ability to challenge […]

Kalilawear + Mia Tango Running Challenge

When we were approached by Mia Tango Maternity to participate in their September Wellness Challenge, we couldn’t wait for summer to be over! As our Kalilawear items are designed for high performing mums throughout pregnancy and beyond, we decided to share a running challenge. Our challenge is multi-levelled so whether you’re a true beginner or […]