Kalila is an online advocate for woman's health and fitness. Our mission is simple: to support and encourage mothers to be active during pregnancy and beyond

Kalila Community is dedicated to prenatal fitness and well-being, and supporting new mums. Through articles, blogs, videos and podcasts we share experiences and knowledge on fitness and health during and after pregnancy.

Kalilawear is an innovative range of technical active wear designed for the whole cycle of pregnancy and beyond.

Kalila Foundation provides grants to grassroots projects worldwide to improve woman’s health. 5% of all Kalila profits are dedicated to the Kalila Foundation.

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Let’s start this post by saying that it took me 3 whole months to find time to finish this post....


Finding “fitness” after giving birth

February 10, 2015 . by Claire Sambolino

For many of us, we are so focused on staying healthy during our pregnancy that when baby arrives we...


Getting up and out with two!

January 13, 2015 . by Claire Sambolino

It’s true. Two is double the trouble. But also double the reward! Since having my second daughter, Emily,...